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Best Senior Meal Delivery Deals And Discounts

Putting healthy meals on the table can be difficult for young people but it gets increasingly more difficult as we get older. Many senior citizens struggle with mobility issues and other health problems that can make it difficult to not only get to the grocery store but to create healthy meals in general. For this reason, many senior citizens turn to meal delivery programs. However, it is important to understand what the various types of meal programs are as well as the pros and cons of each.

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Discounts on Meal Delivery

What are Meal Delivery Programs?

There are many different options for senior meal delivery. You can choose from meals that you simply heat in your microwave, eliminating concerns of an older adult using a stove. You can also have meal delivery services that provide all the ingredients necessary, eliminating the need for a trip to the grocery store, but that allow the older person to cook their own meals. This can help them feel more independent. Some meal delivery plans provide more than one meal per day while others simply focus on dinner or lunch.

What are the Best Senior Meal Delivery Plans?

Some of the top rated meal delivery plans include:

  • Meals on Wheels – offers daily delivered meals which meet the dietary guidelines set by the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program. Meals can be tailored to meet individual needs and cultural preferences. Not only do volunteers deliver meals, they provide an outside contact for older adults who may live alone.
  • Magic Kitchen – offers a large selection of meals designed for older adults or those with specific health conditions. A dietician creates the meals to address any medical conditions the older person may deal with. Seniors can have breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered. All meals are frozen and able to reheated in the microwave.
  • Snap Kitchen – offers a wide range of menu options that are ready to eat. The meals are easily reheated on the stove or in the microwave. Customization to met dietary restrictions and allergies are available.
  • Home Chef – great for seniors who do not have mobility issues that make it difficult to cook meals. The program offers meal kits with all the supplies you need and easy to follow recipe cards.
  • Freshly – offers meals that are ready to eat when they arrive and there are many menu options to choose from. Most meals are ready in about three minutes. The company focuses on meals made with less processed foods, less sugar and more nutrients.

Which Senior Meal Delivery Service is Cheapest?

EveryPlate is a meal delivery program that with meal plans that cost just $5 per serving and a lot of the menu items are upscale and easy to prepare. Home Chef offers meals at around $9, and their supplies come already chopped, making them easier on some senior citizens. Meals On Wheels is offered free to the disabled and seniors who are homebound. All meals are delivered by volunteers who may also provide welfare checks for those who participate.

What is the Healthiest Senior Meal Delivery Service?

FreshNLean offers fully prepared meals created from sustainably sourced ingredients. They offer many options for special diets and all meals are created with attention to macronutrients, balanced calories and protein. Not only are dinners available, but you can also get breakfast and lunch delivered. Home Chef offers customizable meals, and some can serve up to six people. There is a slight upcharge if you choose organic ingredients, and it is also more affordable than other home delivery options. For seniors who are vegan or vegetarian, Veestro is a great option, offering meals that are 100 percent vegan and providing breakfast, lunch along with dinner. The meals are plant-based and chef-designed.

What is the Best Prepared Senior Meal Delivery Service?

SilverCuisine is a highly rated prepared meal delivery program designed for seniors. There are more than 150 meal options, and the meals are specifically designed for older adults. Snap Kitchen also offers easy to prepare ready-to-eat meals that are delivered to an older adult’s door. They can easily be heated in a microwave, providing a healthy hot meal for seniors without the need for food prep. Meals on Wheels provides meals specifically designed for senior citizens and the cost is on a sliding fee scale. Not only do they deliver ready-made meals, but the volunteers also offer wellness checks on older adults who may live alone. Top Chef is another delivery program that caters to special diets and all meals ore fresh as well as customizable.

Which Senior Meal Delivery is Easiest?

The easiest meal plans for seniors are the ready-to-eat options These are usually frozen meals that can be stored in a freezer until they are needed and only need to be heated in a microwave. SilverCuisine, Magic Kitchen and Meals on Wheels top the list as some of the easiest for older adults to manage, especially if they have mobility issues. Before choosing a ready-to-eat meal option, however, be sure to check whether the company offers options for special dietary needs, such as diabetes or heart conditions. You may also need to check whether they offer options for various cultures, including kosher diets.

If you are in the market for a meal delivery service for yourself or a loved one, you need to register for today. You can sign up using the easy online form and there is never a registration fee. Once you are registered, you can begin saving immediately. Our experts have searched for and found some of the best savings on meal delivery plans designed for senior citizens and made them available in one easy location.