Prescription Discount Card Deals And Discounts

Best Senior Prescription Discount Card Deals and Discounts

Over the past two years, prescription drug prices have risen 2.5 percent while some have risen more than 5 percent, according to WebMD. As an older adult, you are likely living on a fixed income so that any increase in costs can wreak havoc with your budget. One of the ways to save is to use prescription discount cards that can make your medications more affordable. has partnered with, a prescription discount card, that can save you money on the prescriptions you use every month.

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What are Prescription Discount Cards?

Most prescription discount cards are available at no or very low cost and easily obtained online. They offer prescriptions at a lower cost than what they would cost you over the counter. You simply present the card to the pharmacist, and they use it to access your discount. In some cases, a prescription discount card will allow you to purchase your prescription at a lower cost than your insurance co-payment. Prescription discount cards use the power of purchasing in bulk to negotiate savings with pharmacies. That is why you will find that one pharmacy may offer a higher discount than another when using the card.

Do Prescription Discount Cards Cost Seniors Money?

In most cases, prescription discount cards are free to use. There are some cards that do have a paid version that offer more benefits, but most of them do not charge any fees. Some cards, such as Walgreens, offers a prescription card that has an annual membership fee for either individuals or families. However, most cards are available with full benefits at no cost. Some of the cards require you to access the savings online, while others will require you to have a smartphone that allows you to download the card’s app to access the savings. The app is free to download, however.

Can I use Prescription Discount Cards if Iā€™m on Medicare?

You can use a prescription discount card if you are on Medicare. In some cases, you may find the discount card offers your prescriptions at an even lower rate than Medicare Part D. Keep in mind you will have to use either the discount card or Medicare as you will not be able to use both for your medications. One suggestion before choosing a card is to search their site to see if your medications are available at a discount. You may be able to use the card for some of your medications and Medicare for others that are not covered by the card. You can also choose to use the card to pay for prescriptions that are more expensive using Part D than they are with the discount card.

Are Prescription Discount Cards Better than Medicare?

Prescription discount cards are a good supplement to your Medicare Part D plan, but they do not replace the prescription coverage you have with Medicare. In some cases, prescription discount cards offer much more savings than even Part D, but this is not always the case. It is important to check both options to see which offers you the better price as you cannot use them together. If you do not have Part D with your Medicare, you will definitely save money using a prescription discount card rather than what it will cost you without the card.

Can You Use Prescription Discount Cards if You Already Have Insurance?

You can use prescription discount cards even if you have insurance. Whether you have Medicare or another type of insurance, prescription drug cards can be used to cover the cost of your medications. Keep in mind that you can only use the cards in place of your other coverage. You cannot combine both your insurance co-pays and the card to get your prescription costs even lower. You must choose either the prescription card or your insurance coverage.

What are the Best Prescription Discount Cards?

The top three best prescription discount cards are:

  • Singlecare ā€“ this prescription discount drug card can help you save up to 80 percent on medications. The card is free to use and you do not have to sign up for a long-term contract. Discounts are sent via text, email or you can print them from your computer.
  • GoodRx ā€“ There is no fee to use GoodRx, although there is a paid version that offers additional benefits. There is a mobile app and they do offer deeply discounted prices.
  • WellRx ā€“ This company offers savings of up to 80 percent and you can even get discounts on your pet medications. You do need to provide personal information in order to sign up, however.

When it comes to prescription drug costs, everyone wants to save as much as possible. Prescription drug discount cards offer savings without the need to pay large monthly premiums. Even if you have Medicare or another type of insurance, these discount cards could reduce your prescription drug costs significantly. If you are interested in savings on your prescriptions that may be even more than what is offered through Medicare Part D, consider using a prescription discount card. At, you can find savings on prescriptions including an easy way to sign up for prescription discount cards. There is never a registration fee, and you can begin saving immediately. In addition to prescription savings, you can find discounts on many other things you use every day, including travel, auto insurance and more. Visit them today to see how they can begin saving you on the things you need, helping you spread your budget even farther each month. Just fill out the easy online form to get started.