Senior Travel And Vacation Deals And Discounts

Get The Best Senior Travel And Vacation Deals And Discounts

There is no question that once people retire, they are more likely to travel than younger people who are still working full time. Travel is often on the bucket list of people who retire and many want to head to destinations they could not have managed when they were working. It may be a trip to Europe to visit the home of ancestors or a long trip through the Italian countryside, sampling food and wine. Or you may simply have the goal to visit all 50 states in your RV, hitting the open road and just going where the wind takes you. No matter what your reason is for taking a trip, you want to save as much money as possible yet have the best experience you possibly can.

Senior Discounts on Travel

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Employee Discounts on travel

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Employee Discounts on travel


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Senior Discounts on Travel
Senior Discounts on Travel
Senior Discounts on Travel
Senior Discounts on Travel

Senior Travel Statistics

According to statistics, older adults are traveling more than ever. Over 56 percent of older adults plan a trip at least a year in advance and 43 percent plan to travel both nationally and internationally over the next year. Only 51 percent of senior citizens travel just in this country with the other 49 percent traveling internationally on a regular basis. About 57 percent of older adults travel to visit friends and family while 11 percent routinely take weekend getaways. Advertising has an impact on older adults as 66 percent make a decision based on an ad while 25 percent of senior citizens will extend a business trip for leisure activities. Older adults spend over $11,000 each year on travel and vacation at least 27 days per year. About 30 percent of older adults take vacations by cruise as well. There are differences between the reason older adults travel vs. younger adults.

Senior Travel and Vacation Deals and Discounts

Older adults do tend to travel to visit family and friends while millennials and GenZ travel to historical or cultural attractions. However, this does not mean older adults avoid those types of attractions. Tour operators are reporting more bookings from senior citizens, especially since the pandemic seems to be winding down. In 1999, 593 million international travelers were over the age of 60, representing about one-third of all travelers. By 2050, it is expected that number will reach two billion or nearly one-quarter of all travelers. Senior travelers are often young at heart and many search for travel and vacation deals that will keep them active. Whether that is hiking, golfing or biking, many older people are interested in trips that not only nourish their mind but their body as well. Others prefer to travel where they can learn something new, visiting museums, galleries or learning a new skill. Cooking classes, dance lessons and historic tours are often what this type of traveler seeks.

Senior Hotel Travel Deals and Discounts

When searching for hotels for travel, ask about senior citizen discounts. Many hotel chains offer discounts for people who are over a certain age, usually 55 or 60. You can also save money on hotels by paying in advance rather than at check-in, but keep in mind those types of reservations may have restrictions on cancellation. If you are taking an extended trip, many hotels will offer discounts as well, usually for a week or longer. Travel in the off-season to get lower rates which will also mean smaller crowds at attractions. Many areas offer what they call a ”shoulder” season which is not quite as low cost as the off-season but you can usually get better rates and the weather is still nice. Booking early is another way to save money on hotel deals. If you prefer a specific chain of hotel, join their loyalty program so that each stay earns you points toward future stays.

Senior Car Rental Travel Deals and Discounts

There are many ways you can save on car rentals as well. Like hotels, most car rental companies have loyalty programs and most you can join with no fee. If you often travel and need a car rental, this is a great way to save money on trips. In addition, some loyalty programs offer their members discounts immediately. If you are traveling to a big city with public transportation, you may not need to rent a car for the entire trip, just for times you will want to head out into the countryside. Therefore, you may find it less expensive to just rent the car for a few days rather than the entire trip. If possible, take public transportation to a car rental location away from an airport as rentals at airports are often more expensive. Check with your own auto policy to see if you are covered in a rental car before purchasing the expensive insurance they offer at the rental location. When standing at the counter, ask if there are savings for certain professions or members of organizations.

Senior Cruise Travel Deals and Discounts

About 30 percent of senior travelers vacation by cruise. Some cruise lines offer senior citizen discounts. It is also possible to save money on cruises by joining certain organizations, such as AARP or the Association of Mature American Citizens. Shorter cruises may also be less expensive than longer ones. If you simply enjoy relaxing on the ship, avoid taking the excursions when the ship pulls into a port as those are often extra. Since most seniors are retired, you an also book your cruise with more flexibility, leaving on a day that is not as popular. You can also plan your cruise so other family members can join you. Larger groups often get lower prices as well.

Senior Airfare Travel Deals and Discounts

There are airlines that offer senior discounts for people who are aged 50 or older if you plan to travel internationally. Others may offer discounts for older adults even if you are traveling domestically. You simply need to ask when you book your travel. The farther in advance you book your airfare, the less expensive it should be. However, there are some airlines that will discount seats close to the date of the flight as they don’t want to leave them empty. Be sure to check discount airlines like JetBlue or Spirit, but keep in mind they do charge fees for items that some airlines do not, such as choosing your seat or carrying on a bag that must go in the overhead. Those extra fees can add up and make the flight even more expensive than a larger airline.

Senior Theme Park Travel Deals and Discounts

Although it may seem that theme parks are designed for young people, many parks now offer options that cater to the older traveler. One North Carolina park has rocking chairs in view of their most popular roller coaster where older adults can see the action. Others have themed waiting areas with comfortable seating and even firepits. Disney holds festivals geared toward older travelers, including the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. The food options at theme parks are also leaning toward the older traveler. You can now find quinoa, turkey burgers, salads and fruit while other parks are offering beer gardens and wine bars.

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