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Older Americans are increasingly drawn to new technology with 51 percent saying they purchased a technological product in the past year. Of those older people, 23 percent purchased a smartphone while 10 percent purchased a tablet. In addition, the smartphone gap between younger and older adults is narrowing with the purchase of smartphones among older adults increased from 70 percent to 77 percent in the past year.

Senior Discounts on Cell Phones

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Discounts on Cell Phones
Senior Discounts on Cell Phones
Senior Discounts on Cell Phones
Senior Discounts on Cell Phones

Benefits of Cell Phones for Older Adults

Despite the fact that technology is growing among older adults, some are still reluctant to make the move from landlines to cell phones. However, senior citizens are the population who can most benefit from having a cell phone. Even if they insist on holding onto their old flip phone, if there is an emergency, that phone could save their life. Today, smartphones also offer options that can monitor your health, such as pulse, weight, steps and more. There is also evidence that an older adult who can communicate easily with others is healthier and more well adjusted than those who do not. One overlooked benefit of a cell phone for an older adult is the entertainment aspect. With a smartphone, an older person can play games, watch videos or even catch up on a television show they enjoy.

What is the Best Cell Phone Plan for Seniors?

When it comes to cell phone plans for an older adult, there are many options to choose from. If you are looking for flexibility and perks, T-Mobile offers one of the best options while Lively has cell phone plans that include medical alert services. MintMobile offers an outstanding prepaid plan if you prefer not being locked into a contract. Jitterbug also offers a no-contract option that comes with a very simple to use smartphone. One thing to determine when choosing a cell phone plan for a senior citizen is the coverage area. Smaller companies have limited coverage which may make the phone less helpful. T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T offer plans designed specifically for senior citizens and they usually have the best coverage.

What is the Easiest Cell Phone for Seniors to Use?

These are the top five easiest cell phones for seniors to use:

  • Jitterbug Flip – this flip phone has very large buttons and a simple menu design that features large text. The speakers are loud and it offers both a magnifier as well as a flashlight. There is a camera although the phone does not have video capabilities.
  • Grandpad – with an 8-inch touchscreen, this phone is designed specifically for seniors who don’t leave home often and are comfortable with a larger device. It has an easy interface and front-facing speakers that make it easier to hear. Callers must be in the contact list so there is no risk of scammers taking advantage of an older person.
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 – this phone has a long battery life which is important for seniors who may not remember to charge their phone every day. It has a camera with video capabilities and a fingerprint sensor that makes it easy to unlock the phone without having to remember a password.
  • iPhone SE – for older adults who want a smartphone, the iPhone SE is a great option. It has a large retina HD touch screen and allows you to FaceTime with children, grandchildren and friends. It is also hearing aid compatible and fits easily in your hand.
  • Kyocera DuraXE Epic – if you want a phone that is durable, this is the best option, especially if your hands are unsteady or you are prone to falls. It is a flip phone with larger buttons that make it easy to use. It is also waterproof so if you drop it in the sink, it will withstand water longer than other types of flip phones.

What Cell Phone Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

If you are a member of AARP, several cell phone companies offer discounts, including Cricket, Lively, TracFone, Spring, T-Mobile, Verizon, Consumer Cellular and AT&T. Members of the Association of Mature American Citizens can get up to 50 percent off PureTalk monthly plans as well as a free iPhone SE. Consumer Cellular offers a five percent discount to anyone over the age of 50 while veterans can get 25 percent off monthly plans at AT&T as well as 25 percent off mobile accessories at Verizon. If you are older and low income, you may be eligible for a free cell phone through LifeLine. You must have an income that is less than 135 percent of the federal poverty level and receive one of the federal government assistance programs, like SNAP, Medicaid or SSI. T-Mobile offers an unlimited 55+ plan with costs starting at $27.50 per line for two lines each month.

How Can Seniors Save Money on Cell Phones and Plans?

One of the main reasons your cell phone bill may be high is the use of data. If you use your phone to watch videos, get directions via GPS or look things up online, you may be paying for data. Most plans come with a specific amount of data you can get for free, but it is possible to get unlimited data depending on your cell phone carrier. Although it may seem as if an unlimited plan is expensive, if you consistently go over your data amount, it will save you in the long run. Consider using a family plan to save money. See if you can go on a child or grandchild’s plan in order to save the monthly costs. Often, they can add a phone to their plan with no additional cost or very minimal cost each month. Shop around with different carriers to see if switching could save you money. If you rarely use your phone, consider switching to a prepaid plan which allows you to simply add minutes as you need them.

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